Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Rustic kitchen design ideas

Some people like a rustic kitchen.  Rustic is a style that can be noticed in a few diverse styles, like: transitional style, contemporary styles, modern style, or country style. It is chic and stylish. This style can give old country attraction to any home. Usually, a rustic kitchen is packed with a lot of exposed wood, open shelving, and interesting mix of some materials. Are you interested in rustic kitchen? If so, you should learn more about rustic kitchen design. These are several things that are important to create a rustic kitchen.

1.                   Prepare the material for a rustic kitchen
Traditionally, a rustic kitchen use exposed brick, reclaimed wood and industrial light fixtures. Something that can remind the times of old will support the appearance of rustic kitchen. You can add a fireplace to give more rustic touch in the kitchen. You could also add hanging copper pots and butcher-block countertops. A rustic kitchen will look nicer with family pictures, antique glassware or even pottery. You can make a kitchen looks more rustic quickly and easily by adding vintage wooden chairs, a farmhouse-style table, a pegboard with S-hooks to hang your pans. Mix the cabinets with open shelving to show older china sets.

2.                   Choose the right design and layout for a rustic kitchen

A rustic kitchen is small. Traditionally, rustic kitchen design includes the dining table within the kitchen. The key of rustic kitchen is simplicity. You can make a clean open layout with simple decorations. Rustic kitchen does not need high-end equipments.

3.                   Choose Primitive Paint

Aged and time-worn paint is crucial for rustic kitchen design. This color creates a relaxed look. If you do not have time to buy primitive painted things, you can repaint a few pieces. Keep the dings, dents, and grooves in order to maintain the rustic vibe. If you want to buy, you can find them at flea markets. It is better to view the kitchen product reviews first.

Source: Kitchen Best Reviews